Love in Action is the missions’ arm of CloverleafWorld Ministries. Our goal is to help as many hurting people as we possibly can, to alleviate human suffering and to help Christians grow in their faith.


Through vital outreaches with practical helps, we continue to reach hundreds of lives who are hurting with life-saving hope in times when they need it the most. Whether we are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, providing medical services in impoverished nations or in our local communities, we consider this a great privilege but also a great responsibility.


“Every time, I am impacted not only by the great needs of people locally and internationally, but also by the awesome opportunity God has given us to do something about it”.

                                                                                 – Natasha Okhuoya (President, Love in Action)


Our goal is clear: to show hurting people around the world that they are not forgotten and that God truly cares for them regardless of where they might find themselves. We believe that if we stay committed to this cause, many who have lost hope will be revived and come to know our saviour Jesus Christ.​


During a visit to Kenya in 2014 and working closely with local partner ministries, we  met many and learned of many more hundreds of children without a home or a family to love them, we simply couldn’t stand by and do nothing. We are determined to do our part to help as many as we can. As a result we established the first Cloverleaf Home which is fully staffed and currently cares for 10 children. We house, feed, clothe and educate the children and ensure that they are medically taken care of. We continue to look for ways to create a better future for them and the local community


The more we reach out to people around the world, the more we realize how relatively little it actually takes to transform a life. Every time we are impacted not only by the great needs of people locally and internationally, but also by the awesome opportunity presented before us to do something about it.


At Love in Action, it is not just what we say but what we do!


Natasha Okhuoya

President, Love in Action

Akpan Hanson (Nigeria)

Mary Muthoni (Kenya)

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