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Give Hope!

Hope is so fragile even in the safest of homes; to be born into a context of hopelessness devoid of the right family and social support structures deepens the despair of an overlooked orphan.

"We need to be able to carve a stone of hope out of a mountain of despair for orphans everywhere who are often living within a disability paradox"

The Disability Paradox

One of the observations that experts of those that are born with a form of congenital disease is that these patients do not know what 'normal' look like as their 'normal' carries an 'abnormal' description in the conversations of other children not born with these diseases; this is often referred to as the disability paradox. What is true of these children is true of orphans who are many times abandoned at birth, dumped by the waste sites to die. They develop a sense of normal that is so far from the norm that the idea of becoming an architect or medic is not within their sphere of thoughts.

I once had a great conversation with an acclaimed educationist who remarkable stated that "hope in the heart of a child is the hope of the future". This has since fueled my commitment to ensure that hope is kept alive in the hearts of orphans and for those who have no ounce of hope, we create hope; we give hope. We give and sustain hope in their hearts; we all know too well of that child who has been promised a barbie doll at Christmas but never really got it; Christmas never came. Well, the idea of a permanently deferred hope is sickening and so i have a commitment to not just create and sustain but to actualize hope in the lives of orphans around the world. Join me!

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