Often times we find that the greatest need that people have is some prayer and this is not just for the people that we serve around the world but also for the people doing the serving – we all need prayers to be what God has planned for us to be.

At Love in Action, we meet every last Friday of the month with the wider ministry team in our local churches to pray to God as He continues to empower us to do His work around the world. We encourage you to attend our until DAWN prayer camp meetings to pray for all the various outreach programs and missionaries around the world. It is a time of spiritual refreshment and planning for the next month of outreach activities.


If you would like to be a part of Love in Action in any of the stated ways to help or indeed in any other way, please do write us and request the ‘W2H” forms. We look forward to hearing from you and are excited about how much more we will do together for many hurting around the world.


Most of the work that we do will not be possible without the continual support of our local and international partners who continue to not only pray and go with us in our many outreach programs but also give financially to enable us expand our reach to the people that need an experience of the practical love of Jesus Christ.


Our partners are the heart of this work and together, we will stand in the gap for many around the world and touch lives who would perhaps have never felt the warm embrace of hope and love.


No matter how small, we believe that every amount counts toward the caring for someone somewhere who needs it most and for that we are forever grateful for our partners.


We would love to have you join one of our many outreach programs which span across our local and international network. Whatever your level of qualification and experience, with a willing heart and a passion for the work of God, there is always a place for you to serve on our team.

Our local teams are engaged at least twice a week in various local outreach programs ranging from ministering to the needs of the homeless and addicted on our local streets and corners to visits to hostels, local homes and prisons – wherever hurting people are.

Annually we work with our international iGO mission team to schedule short-missionary trips to our centres around the world. As the other programs, this is a most rewarding experience as you take the message of the gospel to hurting people; reminding them that they are not forgotten and God loves them wherever they might find themselves.

Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya
Mulanthankari, Meru. Kenya

As an organisation passionate about giving hope & sharing love, we are always thinking about new and creative ways to get people involved in the vision of reaching orphans, widows and other marginalized groups of people around the world. One of our initiatives is the 4-week missions trip where volunteers from around the world go to one of our locations to help initiate needful programs after quality research into the needs of the people & community. The travelling volunteers work with our local teams to execute the projects whilst providing hands-on support for the local on-going programs. Housing & feeding is provided as part of the program and it is always a refreshing experience!

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