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Orphans in Education


In rural Kenya, Mulanthankari to be exact, we have been working with over 15 orphans who have been identified and approved via the local social service offices into our care. Our primary focus is to ensure that these children are given more than a fighting chance to thrive in the wider world. Our key strategy is to educate them and provide some support for their carers and our staff who act as caretakers and stand-in parents for them. The number of children needing support increases every cycle and it would be great for you to be part of this project in whatever way that you can.

Educating a Community Child

Image by Trevor Cole

In rural Kenya, Mulanthankari to be exact, we are primarily located and operating within a community that is largely illiterate and the children are often disengaged from education and formal schooling. This project is aimed at sponsoring at least twenty children from the local community into formal education. Most of the children will require some tutorship to enable them seat for and pass basic entry requirements for schooling. An educated child is an equipped child; equipped for a greater tomorrow. Your involvement in this project will go a long way to alleviate suffering an poverty in the local commnunity

Image by Annie Spratt

Widow Helpers

In rural Kenya, Mulanthankari to be exact, we are primarily located and operating within a community with a group of widows that come together  to develop ideas to support themselves. This project is aimed at providing a pantry for the widows so that their basic life-needs are catered for. This forum of widows provides an opportunity to provide wider care and financial advice that are workable within the local farm economy; inclusive in this project also is the opportunity to provide skill development programs that are workable in the local context. Widows have a past but even better to equip them with tools that can make them dream again.


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